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Hunt for interest, savings, loan, atm card, and teller in this word search.  Once you have found the words, search for the answer to the trivia question:  The world's first modern bank opened during the 14th century in what country?  (Solution)

Dentist's Office
Over 40 words are hidden in this puzzle, including toothbrush, cavity, and "pearly whites."  Can you also find the name of a famous colonial American who practiced dentistry?  (Solution)

Dinner at a Diner
Can you find fries, ketchup, booth, and other diner words in this puzzle?  If you find all the words, you'll be able to answer this trivia question:  In diner slang, what is a "bubble dancer"?   (Solution)

Farm Wordsearch
Find cows, harvest, field, silo, and tractor in this search puzzle.  Double trivia questions with this puzzle!. (Solution)

Lazy Day at the Laundromat
Coins, fabric softener, vending, and people watching are a few of the words in the puzzle.  Trivia:  Who invented the first electric washing machine?  (Solution)

Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, and Happy Meal are some of the words in this one.  Trivia:  What is the first and last name of the founder of the McDonald's Corporation? (Solution)

Printable Pizza Word Search
Can you find pepperoni, dough, brick oven, and other pizza parlor words?  After you're done circling all the words, use the leftover letters to decipher the secret message. (Solution)

Shopping at the Mall
Clothes, kiosk, bookstore, and food court are all hiding in this one.  Trivia:  What is the biggest department store in the world?  (Solution)

Animals shelters like the SPCA take in millions of animals each year.  Can you find the SPCA-related words in the puzzle.  Trivia:  Approximately how many cats are currently in the United States?  (Solution)

Supermarket Word Search
Hunt for a set of supermarket words and learn a difference in supermarket dialect between Americans and British shoppers.  (Solution)
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Printable Word Search Puzzles

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