Super Word Search Puzzles - Travel

Beach Bum
Can you spot the beach words in this puzzle?  Trivia:  In 2005 a world record was set for the most surfers on one board.  How many surfers were on this record-breaking board?   (Solution)

Hunt for flashlight, bon fire, s'mores, crickets, and trailer in this one.  To find the trivia answer, search for the name of the National Forest Service mascot that teaches you to prevent forest fires.   (Solution)

SCUBA Divers
Find shipwreck, divemaster, dolphin, and treasure in this puzzle.  The five extra words in this puzzle will answer the trivia question:  What do the letters in the word SCUBA stand for? (Solution)

South Pole / Antarctica
Penguins, glacier, explorer, and frozen are among the Antarctic words hidden in this wordsearch.  Question:  Antarctica is considered the top place in the word for scientists to find and study what objects?   (Solution)

Space Travel
Circle the words shuttle, space station, Hubble, orbit, and gravity.  Challenge:  Can you find the names of five American space shuttles hidden in this puzzle?   (Solution)

Walt Disney World Wordsearch
Do you know the name of Disney's longest ride?  If not, hunt for Disney words in this puzzle and discover the answer.  (Solution)

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