Sports Word Search Puzzles

Bowling Alley
All of the words in this puzzle relate to tenpin bowling.  Search for alley, ball return, scorekeeper, strike, spare, and turkey.   Trivia:  What were bowling balls made of in the 1800s?   (Solution)

Fishing on the Lake
Can you find lure, tackle box, and worms in this puzzle?  Find all the words to answer this trivia question:  A "yellow pike" is another name for this species of sport fish?  (Solution)

Football (American)
Search for touchdown, quarterbck, punt, and line of scrimmage in this printable word search.  Trivia:  Which NFL team went to the Super Bowl more than any other?  (Solution)

Take Me Out to the Baseball Game
Baseball, diamond, and dugout are hiding among the scrambled letters of this printable.  Find all the words to answer the trivia question:  Who wrote the lyrics to the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"?  (Solution)

Winter Olympic Games
Find bobsleigh, torch, opening ceremonies, and figure skating in this puzzle.  Trivia:  The official Olympic Motto is:  "Citius, Altius, Fortius."  What does it mean in English?    (Solution)
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