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Sounds to Break the Silence
Onomatopoeia -- words that imitate sounds you hear.   Can you find all of the sounds?  Boom, beep, thump, bumpity bump, and roar!  Trivia question:  How fast does sound travel? (Solution)

The Human Brain
There's intelligence, brain stem, cortex, imagination, creativity, and more!  Circle all the words, then solve two brainy trivia questions. (Solution)

Words are all about the Internet.  Can you find them all and answer the trivia question:  What Internet Website has the most visitors? (Solution)

Fantasy & Legend
Find words like hobbit, elves, ogre, unicorn, mermaid, and pegasus.  Trivia:  What is the name of the dragon-like creature featured in Lewis Carroll's novel, Through the Looking Glass? (Solution)

Green Words
Search for all of the green items in this puzzle.  Trivia:  What is the name of the chemical that makes plants green?  To find out, circle all the words in the puzzle.  There will be an extra word that is not it in the word list.  This extra word will answer the trivia question. (Solution)

J. Edgar Hoover is hiding in this puzzle, along with justice, office, criminal, bank robbery, and bureau.

Wedding Wordsearch
Find all of the wedding-related words hidden in this puzzle.  After your find all of the words, see if you can find the answer to this trivia question:  What is the average age of a bride in the Unted States? (Solution)

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