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Word Searches Help Keep Your Mind Sharp As a Thumbtack!
5 Reasons to Do Word Searches

If you ask most people why they love to complete word search puzzles, they'll simply tell you that the puzzles are enjoyable. I agree that they are quite fun indeed, but they're also good for your health!  Seriously!  Solving challenging word searches can build up your physical, mental, and intellectual health.

1.  Improve Your concentration -  If you've ever tried to complete a challenging wordsearch puzzle, you know that you need to have a high level of focus to concentrate carefully on the jumbles of scrambles letters.  Completing word searches trains your brain to concentrate on letters and tune out minor distractions around you.

2.  Reduce Stress Level - For most people, completing puzzles are stress reducers.  They offer the opportunity to tune out the chaos of real world for a period of time.  They can serve as a temporary escape from emotional hardship.

3.  Build Spelling Skills - In order to find words in a puzzle of mixed up letters, you need to think about the order of the letters.  Every time you look for a word that you did not know how to spell, you learn about (and hopefully remember) the correct letter combination.

4.  Increase Your Vocabulary - Word search puzzles often introduce you to new words that you were unfamiliar with before.  Because puzzles are usually themed, you can often determine the meanings of unfamiliar words.

5.  Read Faster -  Word searches teach you to scan groups of letters quickly and efficiently to find words with meaning.  This skill is transferred to your reading, in which you are essentially doing the same thing.

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