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Hawaii Word Search
As you find words in this puzzle, you'll unlock the secret answer to this question:  When Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands, what name did he give them?  (Solution)

I Love Lucy Wordsearch
If you're a fan of the 50s sitcom, I Love Lucy, then you must check out this puzzle.  Double trivia questions on this puzzle!  (Answer Key)

M*A*S*H Word Search
Scan this puzzle to search for Hawkeye, Klinger, Hot Lips Houlihan, and all of your favorite M*A*S*H characters!  Can you find the answer to this question:  What does the acronym M*A*S*H stand for?  (Solution)

Money & Banking
Loans, savings account, interest, and currency are all hidden here.  Question: The world's first modern bank was opened in what country?  (Solution)

Nations of Europe
Can you find 49 European Nations in this puzzle?  This word search has no list!  Level of Difficulty:  Hard - Extreme.   (Solution)

Niagara Falls Word Search
Hunt for the hidden words in this wordsearch and you might figure out the name of the French Explorer that first discovered Niagara Falls.

Number Search
Find all of the 4-digit numbers hiding in this hidden number search puzzle.  (Solution)

On the Lake Fishing
Hidden among the jumble of letters are minnow, line, and tackle box.  Trivia:  "Yellow pike" is another name for which popular sport fish species?  (Solution)

Search for onomatopoeia words like Thump, bumpity bump, groan, kaboom, and roar!  Trivia to find:  At what speed does sound travel? (Solution)

Precious Gemstones
Opals, diamonds, agate, amber and all of your favoite gemstones are waiting to be found.   If you find the extra word, you'll know what profession deals with evaluating and identifying precious gems. (Solution)

Purchasing a Home
Buying a home is an exciting but complex process.  Find the real estate jargon hiding within this set of letters.  Trivia:  The highest priced homes in America are in which city? (Solution)

Pirate Word Search
Arrr, Mates!  You be searchin' dis puzzle fer phrases like "Walkin' the plank!", "Avast, mateys!", and "Shiver me timbers!" (Solution)

Printable Sudoku Puzzles
Tons of free, printable Sudoku Puzzles.

SCUBA Divers
Do you know what the acronym SCUBA stands for?  Complete this puzzle to learn the answer. (Solution)

The Shopping Mall
Clothes, retailer, bargain, and bags can be found in this one.  The trivia question:  Can you name the largest  department store in the world?  (Solution)

Spring Cleaning
Bucket, bubbles, soap, mop, and water are all waiting to be found in this one.  Trivia:  Remember the waitress in the Bounty "quicker picker-upper" advertisements?  What was her name? (Solution)

Supermarket Word Search
Hunt for a set of supermarket words and learn a difference in supermarket dialect between Americans and British shoppers.  (Solution)

Symbol Pattern (Arrows) Search  (Difficulty:  Very Hard)
Search for patterns of up, down, left, right, and diagonal arrows.  Truly a unique twist for word search puzzles.  (Solution)

Symbol Search
Search for the correct combination of picture symbols.  Extremely fun and unique. (Solution)

Thinking Things
Brain parts and brain power words like cortex, frontal lobe, creativity, imagination, and lots more!  Find the brainy words, then find the answer to the double trivia questions. (Solution)

TV in Black and White
Find all the best black and white television shows, including Leave It to Beaver, Mister Ed, and Dick Van Dyke.  Trivia fact:  Even though it was a huge ratings success, what 1956 sitcom was cancelled after only 39 episodes?  (Solution)

Vegetable Garden Word Search Puzzle
This one is for vegetable gardeners and vegetable gardener wannabes.  Which three comon garden vegetables did the Iroquois Indians consider sacred?  (Answers)

Walt Disney World Wordsearch
Find the words in this puzzle and you'll find out the name of the longest ride at Disney World!  (Answers)

Wedding Words
Search for the wedding words and learn the average age of an American bride. (Solution)

Winter Olympic Games
Like to watch the Winter Olympic Games?  Look for torch, skiing, figure skating, and ice hockey.  Trivia question: "Citius, Altius, Fortius" is the official Olympic Motto.  What does it translate to in English?    (Solution)

Workshop Wordsearch
Circle the words in this puzzle and search for the answer to this trivia question:  What is a traditional hand tool used for splitting shingles? (Solution)

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Printable Word Search Puzzles
Search the puzzle for roping, buckaroo, cattle, roundup, wrangler, and wagon.   Once you've found all the words, discover the answer to the mystery question:  What retired American soldier was famous for his traveling “Wild West Shows." (Solution)

Eating at a Diner Word Search
Find waitress, cook, hamburger, and other diner words in this word search.  Find all the words to answer this trivia question:  In diner jargon, what is a "bubble dancer"?   (Solution)

Flying Through the Air
Hunt for things that fly in this puzzle.  Find all the words and you'll be able to answer this trivia question:  Goodyear has three blimps in its fleet.  What are the names of their three airships?  (Solution)

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