Christmas Word Searches

Santa's Nine Reindeer (Difficulty:  Easy)
You know Prancer and Dancer, and Dasher, and Blitzen.  But do you know all about Santa's reindeer?   Find the words to answer the trivia question:  What is a reindeer's favorite food?  (Solution)

Find Frosty  (Difficulty:  Medium) 
Broomstick, dance, alive, and children are all hiding in this Frosty puzzle.  Trivia:  What is the first and last name of the songwriter who wrote "Frosty the Snowman"? (Solution)

Christmas Cookies (Difficulty:  Hard)
Find all of your favorite Christmas cookies and baking words in this word search.  Find all the words and you'll be able to answer this trivia question:  What is the key ingredient in a Snickerdoodle ?  (Solution)

Santa Claus (Difficulty:  Easy-Medium)
A word search dedicate to everything related to Santa!  After you've found all of the words, hunt for the answer to this question:  What three other names does Santa go by?   (Solution)

Christmas Carols (Difficulty:  Hard) 
All of your favorite Christmas carols are in this one!   Can you find them all?  Trivia:  In which Christmas cong would you sing about Parson Brown and a circus clown? (Solution)

Search for Scrooge (Difficulty:  Hard) 
Search for Scrooge, Charles Dickens, Tiny Tim and other things associated with A Christmas Carol.  Double trivia questions on this puzzle! (Solution)

Christmas Tree  (Difficulty:  Medium) 
Find aroma, needles, evergreen, branches, twinkle, sparkle, trunk, and tangle in this tree-themed word hunt.

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